Balance through activity at work

- On-site courses for your employees
- Qualified health coaches from your area
- §20 certified courses for tax-free billing

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Comprehensive insurance cover
Full focus on quality
Audited data protection

What is there to consider during implementation?

Suitable for all employees (no previous experience necessary)
Courses can be booked in 20-, 30- or 60-minute units
Professional and certified coaches from your area
Germany-wide, also available at several locations
Needed: Room of appropriate size (depending on number of participants).

"We feel that the quality is excellent and it is clear that the price-performance ratio is optimal."

Juliane Wegner
Specialist Health & Benefits - Delivery Hero SE

"Despite different work environments, we can offer our employees great relaxation and health prevention"

Vanessa Krabiell
Personnel Development Officer - Schwartauer Werke GmbH & Co. KGaA

"Wellnow allows us to create a centralized offering for a decentralized organization."

Johannes Burchard
Coordinator Occupational Health Management - Strabag SE

Information about our sports & relaxation courses

What does the service include?
Professional, certified and experienced coaches
Individual support for all participants
Germany-wide availability
What are the advantages of the service?
Broad acceptance and high activation rates
Suitable for all age groups
No previous experience required
Low organizational effort
What are the effects and goals?
Strengthens the core and back muscles
Counteracts pain caused by one-sided stress and lack of exercise
Reduces stress
Promotes relaxation, mindfulness and concentration
For whom is it particularly suitable?
Employees with predominantly desk-based work
Employees with long-term monotonous movement
Employees with physical complaints
Employees with high stress levels

Effective workouts familiar from the fitness industry - redesigned for the working world