Active Movement Coaching

- Innovative course format - developed by experts specifically for the workplace
- Knowledge transfer - Posture & movement coaching - Individually guided exercises
- Live & exclusively for your employees in group course format / No equipment required.

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Why Active Movement Coaching?

Many companies have now had experience with online exercise courses and have found that participation rates drop after just a few weeks. The reason for this is the monotony that often prevails. Movements are usually only demonstrated and not individually guided, the units have no clear focus, and there is no exchange between the coaches and the participants. 

We have also made our experiences with this and, together with experts, have developed a course format that can do much more. Our group coaching offers a mixture of knowledge input on posture, movement and pain prevention with parallel guided exercises on classic problem areas as well as tips on ergonomics. In this way, we not only get the participants to move - correctly - but also impart relevant knowledge and tricks for self-help for a long-term pain-free life. At the same time, the exchange through the open group coaching character counteracts the monotony of unidirectional course formats.

How does a course unit work?

At the beginning, the respective focus topic is introduced and the participants are given brief and easy-to-understand knowledge about the muscular structures involved and their function. Classic posture errors and pain that frequently occur in this area are addressed and recommendations for action for better posture, ergonomic furnishings and movement behavior are given. Based on this, various stretching, mobility and strengthening exercises are performed together. At the same time, the instructor coaches the participants individually via the camera. 

At the end of the course, participants can ask questions and get individual tips and recommendations from the coach

Important information about our online course offering

Suitable for all employees (no previous experience necessary)
Courses in 25-minute units
The courses always take place within the company
Required: Internet-enabled device with microphone and camera (PC, tablet, cell phone)
Software: Zoom, Teams, Webex (according to customer requirements)

"We feel that the quality is excellent and it is clear that the price-performance ratio is optimal."

Juliane Wegner
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"Despite different work environments, we can offer our employees great relaxation and health prevention"

Vanessa Krabiell
Personnel Development Officer - Schwartauer Werke GmbH & Co. KGaA

"Wellnow allows us to create a centralized offering for a decentralized organization."

Johannes Burchard
Coordinator Occupational Health Management - Strabag SE

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