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A team of 20 experts consisting of psychologists, health economists, sports scientists, nutritionists and developers works every day to promote the health and thus the potential of the employees of more than 500 companies throughout Germany. Know-how, diversity and passion are important ingredients for this. But of course we also invest a lot of time and money ourselves to keep our team healthy and happy. As a matter of principle, we only provide our customers with services that we use ourselves and are convinced of.
Torben Kremer
Sports Scientist and Head of Digital Corporate Health
"We're all fascinated by the connection between work and health, and always working with our customers to find the best solutions for them."

What our employees say about Wellnow

"Fair working hours and the opportunity to get involved socially outside of work and was supported at all times."
"Great open-minded team that inspires each other."
Being part of a company that is growing and developing is a great feeling.
A really great employer, I learned a lot there, met nice people and had a lot of fun.

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