Digital health coaching
for employees

- Virtual coaching of your employees - on the road, in the home office or office
- Qualified health coaches from the areas of mental & physical health as well as nutrition
- High activation rates among employees
- Co-financing by health insurance companies

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Comprehensive insurance cover
Full focus on quality
Audited data protection

Digital meets people - health promotion rethought

Our digital health coaching starts where workplace health promotion measures usually stop - at the individual level.

We believe that health and well-being are conditions that are lived and felt on a very individual basis. Being healthy and feeling good means different things to different people. Successful health promotion should follow this individuality. The use of digital technologies makes this possible.

Our Digital Health Coaching is a multi-level and solution-oriented coaching whose approach is derived from a holistic understanding of health. With the help of two online coaching sessions (1:1 coaching sessions with experts from the fields of sport/exercise, nutrition and psychology), individualized reports and video-based micro-learning, your employees receive all the resources they need to sustainably strengthen their health skills and achieve their own personal health goals.

In addition to the well-known benefits of workplace health promotion measures, companies benefit from comprehensive anonymized and aggregated health reports on relevant key figures and mood images from the workforce, which allow effective and data-supported health promotion and HR management.

Important information about Digital Health Coaching

Suitable for all employees - from trainees to managers
Partial financing by health insurance possible
DSGVO compliant treatment of personal data
Required: Internet-enabled device with microphone and camera (PC, tablet, cell phone)

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