Committed to improving work culture

With an interdisciplinary team and great passion, we support companies throughout Germany in making the environment for employees healthier

Enno Kuntze & Alexander Freitag
Founder & Managing Director
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Our philosophy

Health promotion as a sustainable, entrepreneurial success strategy

"Countless meetings, pressure to be productive and perform well, insufficient exercise, too little time and rest for healthy eating - these are just a few of the everyday stress factors people experience through work. While the body and mind are true all-around talents, they quickly reach hard and significant limits when not considered. Limits that are too often exceeded are detrimental to the person behind the employee and, by extension, to the company as well. Yet healthy and valued employees are seen as one of the main resources for sustainable business success.

That's why we at Wellnow want to help companies enable employees to reach their full potential, every day - for life.

What is important to us in the cooperation

Guaranteed professionalism and technical expertise

We pay attention to professional training and relevant experience when choosing our health coaches. This provides you with experienced health experts with degrees in psychology, nutritional sciences, sports and health sciences, physiotherapists and other relevant fields.

High acceptance of the measures due to market-tested best-practice content

The content of our services addresses the most important and current topics of modern workplace health promotion.

A health partner who understands you

An interdisciplinary team of Wellnow works to make the implementation of the services as easy as possible for you and is always available to work with you to create solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

Simple and tailored solutions thanks to data-based technologies

The use of data-based technologies guarantees simple implementation and coordination of your measures and also offers the possibility of transparency and success control. For a sustainable and tailored use of our services.

Location-independent and flexible in terms of time

Effective on-site and digital health solutions reach all of their employees - anywhere, anytime.

Our team

A team of 20 experts consisting of psychologists, health economists, sports scientists, nutritionists and developers works every day to promote the health and thus the potential of the employees of more than 500 companies throughout Germany. Know-how, diversity and passion are important ingredients for this. But of course we also invest a lot of time and money ourselves to keep our team healthy and happy. As a matter of principle, we only provide our customers with services that we use ourselves and are convinced of.
Torben Kremer
Sports Scientist and Head of Digital Corporate Health
"We're all fascinated by the connection between work and health, and always working with our customers to find the best solutions for them."

What our employees say about Wellnow

"Fair working hours and the opportunity to get involved socially outside of work and was supported at all times."
"Great open-minded team that inspires each other."
Being part of a company that is growing and developing is a great feeling.
A really great employer, I learned a lot there, met nice people and had a lot of fun.