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Make the office attractive again

In discussions with customers, we often experience a strong need on the part of companies to increase the attractiveness of the office through incentives so that employees are happy to come back to the office.

Triggered by the Corona pandemic, a large number of employees in Germany have worked in a home office for the first time and have come to appreciate many different advantages, such as:

Time saved and expenses reduced due to the elimination of commuting to work

Improving the work-life balanceIncreasing flexibility

Less distraction from colleagues/reduction of stress

Infection control

At the same time, health insurance reports from the first year of the pandemic have shown that - triggered by the lack of movement in the home office and the less ergonomic work equipment - back complaints have increased significantly compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Many clients choose to address both challenges with employee benefits. Through popular on-site measures such as workplace massages, you're not only doing something for your employees' back health, but you're also providing a popular wellness benefit that employees love to come into the office for.

What those responsible say

Silke Koch - baumarkt direkt GmbH & Co. Kg

"We are pleased to have found a building block for our colleagues as part of our "HealthTime" program, which allows them to take a little "time out". We support this preventive measure with a subsidy. The colleagues particularly appreciate the uncomplicated booking and billing of the massages via the online booking system."

Kerstin Vella - Schneider Electric GmbH

"We have already introduced Wellnow's massage service at five major locations in Germany. This allows our employees to enjoy a professional massage at their workplace. The booking tool is easy to use and I appreciate the uncomplicated and quick service in case of queries."

Vanessa Krabiell - Schwartauer Werke GmbH & Co. KGaA

"Despite different working environments, we can offer our employees relaxation and preventive health care. Thus, once a week, both administrative and production employees enjoy a regular massage."

Patrick Gauglitzer - Prosegut Cash Services Germany GmbH

"As part of our "Fit for Work" health management program, we held health days at our 30 locations. Massages were provided by Wellnow at several locations nationwide. The health coaches did a great job with their high-quality massages and the employees were super satisfied."