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- Fair prices from 60€ net
- Qualified health coaches from your city
- Minimal effort through the Wellnow platform
- Office massages are the most popular corporate health benefit

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Massage - The most popular health measure at work in


What does the service include?

Part & full body massages (focus on shoulder and neck muscles)
Variable pressure intensities
Massage table or massage chair
Massage oils & relaxing music on request

What are the advantages of the service?

Broad acceptance and high activation rates
Suitable for all age groups
Low organizational expenditure

What are the effects and goals?

Relieves tension
Balances imbalances
Reduces stress
Promotes relaxation, mindfulness and concentration
Enhances quality of life

For whom is it particularly suitable?

Employees with predominantly desk-based work
Employees with long-term monotonous movement
Employees with physical complaints
Employees with high stress levels
Juliane Wegner from Delivery Hero

"We feel that the quality is excellent and it is clear that the price-performance ratio is optimal."

Juliane Wegner
Specialist Health & Benefits - Delivery Hero SE
Schwartau works

"Despite different work environments, we can offer our employees great relaxation and health prevention"

Vanessa Krabiell
Personnel Development Officer - Schwartauer Werke GmbH & Co. KGaA

"Wellnow allows us to create a centralized offering for a decentralized organization."

Johannes Burchard
Coordinator Occupational Health Management - Strabag SE

Office massage in Dresden - Wellnow takes over the entire organization

Most companies are already feeling the effects of demographic change, which is reflected in an increasing shortage of skilled workers. With offers of workplace health promotion, you can score points in several respects: The health of your employees is maintained, the working atmosphere improves, absenteeism decreases and your reputation as a modern employer increases among the best applicants. Wellnow offers you an excellent service and takes over all tasks of organizing company massages in Dresden.

With our partner network of more than 500 qualified health coaches throughout Germany, we can put together individual offers for companies in Dresden. Dresden is home to many medium-sized companies. The information and communication technology, microelectronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and mechanical, plant and vehicle engineering sectors are particularly well represented in the metropolis on the Elbe.

Company massages provide health prevention

Massages in the workplace have a proven positive effect on employee health. For this reason, company massages are the most popular offer in the area of workplace health promotion. Benefit from our know-how and experience: Wellnow organizes the entire process of massages in the company.

Many companies in Dresden are already satisfied customers of Wellnow and enjoy the benefits of office massages, which are performed directly in the company in units of 15 to 30 minutes. Are you interested in more active company health management offers? On request, we can create an individual concept for your company that includes, for example, business yoga.

Massages for employees also offer benefits to your company!

Company massages bring about a significant reduction in stress and serve to promote relaxation, so that imbalances are evened out and not only concentration but also the overall quality of life improves. Thanks to the relief of back and neck pain, chronic back problems are prevented and absenteeism is reduced.

Wellnow offers you excellent service - An innovative online booking system, personal contact persons and exact usage analyses based on data ensure smooth processes in your company.

What is there to consider during implementation?

10- to 30- minute sessions on couch or chair (requires: separate room with approx. 10sqm)
Uncomplicated booking, coordination and payment of the units via the Wellnow booking system
Arrangement of regular appointments with a minimum of three hours during working hours
Professional and certified massage therapists from your area
Typically employer participation of at least 50%
Satisfied customers
Employees reached
Certified health coaches

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