Business Yoga

- Activate your employees in between and help them to have more energy and concentration
- Qualified yoga trainers from your area
- Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and reduction of sickness rate

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Why this service suits you

Why Business Yoga?

For a long time now, yoga has left behind its cliché of being a hippie sport and has long been an elementary part of all gym class programs - and rightly so! Through a combination of movement (stretching and strengthening), meditation and breathing techniques, yoga has a lot to offer - namely active movement and relaxation in one. Ideal to start the day, to come down in the lunch break or to initiate the end of the day and consciously leave the work stress behind

What is done at Business Yoga?

In Business Yoga, the most well-known and classic "asanas" (these are the exercises or poses one does in yoga) - such as the "dog looking down" or the "cobra" - are used. These are coupled with breathing in "vinyasa flows" that are also suitable for beginners and flow smoothly into one another. Our experienced yoga instructors take care to offer different variations for participants of all experience levels.

What is there to consider during implementation?

Suitable for all employees (no previous experience necessary)
Courses can be booked in 20-, 30- or 60-minute units
Professional and certified coaches from your area
Germany-wide, also available at several locations
Needed: Room of appropriate size (depending on number of participants).

What those responsible say

Silke Koch - baumarkt direkt GmbH & Co. Kg

"We are pleased to have found a building block for our colleagues as part of our "HealthTime" program, which allows them to take a little "time out". We support this preventive measure with a subsidy. The colleagues particularly appreciate the uncomplicated booking and billing of the massages via the online booking system."

Kerstin Vella - Schneider Electric GmbH

"We have already introduced Wellnow's massage service at five major locations in Germany. This allows our employees to enjoy a professional massage at their workplace. The booking tool is easy to use and I appreciate the uncomplicated and quick service in case of queries."

Vanessa Krabiell - Schwartauer Werke GmbH & Co. KGaA

"Despite different working environments, we can offer our employees relaxation and preventive health care. Thus, once a week, both administrative and production employees enjoy a regular massage."

Patrick Gauglitzer - Prosegut Cash Services Germany GmbH

"As part of our "Fit for Work" health management program, we held health days at our 30 locations. Massages were provided by Wellnow at several locations nationwide. The health coaches did a great job with their high-quality massages and the employees were super satisfied."

An overview of business yoga in the workplace from Wellnow

What does the service include?
Professional, certified and experienced coaches
Individual support for all participants
Germany-wide availability
What are the advantages of the service?
Broad acceptance and high activation rates
Suitable for all age groups
No previous experience required
Low organizational effort
What are the effects and goals?
Strengthens the core and back muscles
Counteracts pain caused by one-sided stress and lack of exercise
Reduces stress
Promotes relaxation, mindfulness and concentration
For whom is it particularly suitable?
Employees with predominantly desk-based work
Employees with long-term monotonous movement
Employees with physical complaints
Employees with high stress levels

Wellnow makes business yoga available throughout Germany