Industrial Athlete Training

- Target group-specific - developed by experts specifically for commercial employees.
- Professional support - use of physiotherapists, sports scientists and athletic trainers on site.
- 360° approach - preventive & reactive mix of measures
- Individuality - our service starts where other BGM measures stop, at the individual level.

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Welcome to Industrial Athletic Training - our specially designed service to meet the needs of commercial employees in retail, manufacturing and logistics. Our customized program combines proven, up-to-date sport & exercise science, as well as pain therapy methods to protect, improve and restore the physical health, well-being and thus the performance of employees.

Compared to "office workers," employees in retail, production or logistics have significantly more physically demanding tasks and less freedom in the design of their work in their everyday working lives. Like professional athletes, they are exposed to heavy physical strain over the long term, having to lift, pull, or push heavy loads every day, for example, or hold themselves in physically demanding positions for long periods of time and perform monotonous and repetitive tasks. Unlike professional athletes, who may have access to a team of trainers, doctors and therapists, for example, commercial employees are often left to their own devices. Not surprisingly, musculoskeletal disorders are the most common cause of lost productivity and absenteeism.

To help employees and companies alike here, Wellnow leverages the expertise of experienced physical therapists, sports scientists and athletic trainers, turning them into workplace injury & pain prevention specialists to help commercial employees get the support they deserve. 

Advantages for companies:

Increased productivity: fit and healthy employees are more efficient and effective in their work. 

Reduced downtime: Downtime is minimized by preventing injury and pain and accelerating recovery from pre-existing pain. 

Reduction of costs: By investing in the health of their employees, costs can be reduced in the long term due to 1. sick days and 2. resulting productivity losses.

Higher employee retention and satisfaction: We know from experience that no measure in the field of occupational health promotion of industrial employees is so well received. Clear competitive advantage as an employer!

Benefits for employees:

On-site physical therapy. Saves time, money and pain from long waits for orthopedic and physical therapy appointments. 

Individual coaching on everyday workloads directly in the workplace reduces the short- to long-term risk of injury.

Pain prevention: targeted use of treatment methods for acute pain relief....

Increasing well-being: regular physical activity, individualized care and freedom from pain have positive effects on mental health.