Physiotherapy at work

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Physiotherapy at work

In our modern working world, there is a lot of strain. Many employees spend long hours in a non-optimal, monotonous sitting position or have to perform physical work with a wide variety of strains. These strains often lead to pain and, in the medium to long term, musculoskeletal disorders. We offer the "Physiotherapy at the workplace" service to counteract these specific strains preventively.

What happens with this service?

Our specially trained physiotherapists will welcome you in a dedicated room within your company. Here, we calmly address the individual challenges of employees by using various pain therapy methods, such as massage and manual therapy, as well as coaching and individual exercises.

Why is this service important?

  1. Health maintenance: Targeted pain therapy measures can help prevent occupational illnesses such as back pain, tendinitis or neck pain.
  2. Increased productivity: A pain-free employee is not only more satisfied, but also more productive.
  3. Employee retention: Providing such an offer in the company shows employees that their health and well-being are taken seriously.
  4. Cost savings: Preventing illness and reducing sick days can save costs in the long term.

Invest in the well-being of your employees and the health of your company with our "Physiotherapy at work" service. A healthy employee contributes significantly to a successful business environment.

What is there to consider during implementation?

30-minute sessions on the couch (requires separate room of about 10sqm).

Uncomplicated booking and coordination of units via the Wellnow booking system

Professional and certified massage therapists from your area

Free, private treatment, no execution of prescriptions or referrals possible