Physiotherapy as workplace health promotion

- Individually tailored to the needs of employees, developed and implemented
- Protect, maintain, improve and restore physical health
- Highly qualified and certified physiotherapists on site throughout Germany

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What is behind our physiotherapy service?

"Industrial Athletic Training & Physiotherapy"

The core of the joint project will be a comprehensive program that is individually tailored to the needs of - primarily - production employees, developed and implemented.

The aim of this measure is to protect, maintain, improve and restore the primary physical health and well-being of (production) employees.

This goal is achieved by providing employees with the right resources (measures & interventions) to maintain health, increase employee satisfaction, reduce workplace accidents and absenteeism, and sustainably improve productivity.

The following measures and interventions could be used: At this point, it should be noted that the exact design of the program always varies individually for each customer and depends on a variety of factors.

Early symptom recognition and treatment (reactive measures)

Creating a standardized process for employees to make appointments with the on-site physical therapist as soon as they experience pain.

Depending on various factors, employees are offered a certain number of individual treatments on the production line (or in a separate room) (manual therapy, pain-relieving measures, massage, body posture & movement coaching, etc.).

Preventive (proactive) measures

GEMBA walks = physiotherapist walks across the production floor and coaches employees on correct posture and execution of movements

Cooperation with specialists on site on the subject of ergonomic work

Contact person for all questions on the subject of health

Conduct 10-15 minute warm-up classes prior to the start of the shift to prepare employees for the upcoming shift through light stretching, mobilization and strengthening exercises to minimize the risk of injury

Accompanied by exercise programs with short videos that employees can use outside working hours to keep fit